We provide advice, appraisals and solutions for pre-lending due diligence, existing clients of lenders and for business rescue and restructuring. We have an enviable reputation based on the consistent high quality of our work and our knowledge.

With more than £5 billion of total assets appraised annually across multiple jurisdictions and across a broad range of industries and market sectors, we have the expertise and experience to deliver independent, timely and reliable advice.


Asset Based Lending (ABL)

Restructuring & Insolvency

Additional Valuation Services

Asset Based Lending

Pre-Lend Due Diligence Review/Field Examinations

When seeking funding for working capital finance, corporations, equity houses, debt advisers and lenders will engage an independent pre-lend accounts receivable review.

The review will focus on the suitability of the accounts receivable for lending purposes and provide a guide to funding/recovery levels. We have in-depth experience of reviewing receivables that may be multi currency and jurisdictional and/or may be complex and contractual in nature.

The review can be used to accelerate the debt raising process as we are panel approved by a majority of UK asset-based and invoice finance lenders. Furthermore, our team is highly experienced with a broad range of knowledge gained from the asset-based lending markets and they also have an in depth understanding of the complexities that arise in financing receivable assets in multi jurisdictions.

Existing Facility Audit

We review accounts receivables on a regular scheduled basis on behalf of existing lenders to ensure our clients’ lending remains secure and continues to meet their risk and credit policies .

We can also provide advice on reporting requirements and collateral monitoring.

Specialist Risk Management Services

We have more than 90 years combined experience within our team and can provide timely and high quality independent tailor made advice and solutions.

Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounts Receivable Review: comprehensive analysis of accounts receivable and recommendations on funding or recoverability
  • Advisory: provide a review of systems, and processes providing a detailed and executable recovery or lending strategy
  • Risk Management: a thorough review to appraise the Lender or stakeholders of potential outcomes and recommendations to maximise return.
  • Collectability Reviews: enabling the stakeholders to understand the value of its collateral and flag potential issues with regard to recoverability
Lending Evaluation & Appraisal

European Valuations takes real time company and market data to analyse inventory to provide accurate, clear and detailed reporting on a broad variety of sectors which enable corporations, their advisors and lenders the clarity and certainty they need to support their lending proposals and on-going lending facilities.

The highly experienced European Valuations inventory team can appraise both industrial and retail inventory. They are ably supported by financial analysts based in India and they operate and appraise inventory assets in multiple jurisdictions.

Collateral Monitoring

European Valuations is regularly engaged by lenders to provide on-going collateral monitoring advice as an integral part of a lenders’ credit risk management process. Monitoring engagements can be on an ad hoc basis (with tight deadlines) or on a regular agreed basis.

The scope of work includes but is not limited to:

  • sample test counting
  • systems testing
  • exit strategy advice
  • market/sector advice
Secured Lending Valuation

When seeking funding to improve cashflow, refinance or for investment and acquisition, corporations will seek a valuation of their owned assets to support their application for a lending proposal.

European Valuations works with a majority of UK asset-based lenders to provide advice as part of the lenders’ collateral due diligence process. Our plant & equipment valuations are undertaken and prepared in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Valuation Standards (2020 Edition).

We can operate and value plant & equipment assets in multiple jurisdictions. 


Restructuring, Insolvency & Turnaround

The European Valuations team works closely alongside, turnaround & restructuring professionals, lenders and stakeholders to provide solutions to any insolvency restructuring & recovery opportunity that involves inventory and plant & equipment assets.

We recognise the often-tight time constraints in such matters, and we ensure delivery of market-focused advice within prescribed deadlines.

With more than 135 years of combined experience, our team of trusted professionals offer unparalleled expertise at assessing the value and managing the sale of assets. They are also able to deliver advice and solutions around issues involving security, health & safety, environmental and site clearance.

Furthermore, we work with insolvency & restructuring professionals to ensure our valuations, advice, marketing and assistance is compliant for SIP 16 purposes.


Once an insolvency process is complete there is usually a requirement to return buildings/retails stores/facilities back to the landlord, usually on behalf of an Administrator.

European Valuations can assist by “project managing” and mobilising the required personnel to attend each location and manage the process in an effective manner. Some of the services required will be:

  • to ensure the stores/facilities are left in a good/compliant condition.
  • to change locks
  • to remove hazardous/dangerous waste
  • to set fire and burglar alarms
  • to secure the location(s) and arrange required security.

European Valuations holds a licence under the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS).

This means European Valuations can lawfully buy, sell and market alcohol to other wholesalers who are also licensed under the scheme. The scheme is managed and overseen by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

This solution can be extremely beneficial in distressed or insolvency scenarios and also where a corporation may have excess/surplus inventories. 

European Valuations can maximise returns by either buying the inventory quickly or by acting as an agent to market and sell these assets to other UK registered businesses included within the scheme.

alcohol bottles on shelves

Additional Services

European Valuations can provide plant, machinery & equipment insurance valuations, on a reinstatement with new or indemnity basis whatever the business or industry. 

European Valuations are also able to provide Expert Witness testimony on a range of valuation issues, including strategic advice during an insolvency or turnaround period. We can act for both claimants and defendants or as single joint experts.


If you are seeking to monetise unproductive, or surplus inventory and machinery/equipment assets there are two options, we can offer which means accessing liquidity for those assets by using our specialist disposal services.

Firstly, we value your assets, and we can then either:

  1. Subject to approval of our financial partners arrange for you to be paid directly for those assets. This is potentially the quicker route but does mean that you will achieve a potentially lower market value for the assets.
  2. Sell your assets via an online auction which could maximise your returns, but this method will take longer to complete.
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