European Valuations understands that business valuation is impacted by a multitude of factors such as the subject company’s industry, its stage of development and, furthermore, we understand current market conditions and variables across multiple industries so can provide valuable insights and perspectives into your appraisal.

Intangible Assets & Intellectual Property Services

European Valuations opines on and disposes of all forms of often complex corporate intellectual property and intangible assets normally in a distressed environment. Our services include shareholding and business stake valuation, the valuation of website domains, online businesses and software.

Trading Business Valuation

Trading businesses are often valued on a going concern basis focussing on the profits method of valuation. European Valuations uses its wealth of knowledge and experience to provide an in-depth assessment and having regard to both the historic and current trading performance as well as the trading potential in the current market place.

Customer Databases & Contracts

Valuing customer databases & contracts is something European Valuations does mainly in a distressed environment. Our approach to valuing customer databases follows accepted industry database valuation standards. Each database & contracts valuation requires an in-depth understanding of the business, such as the size, quality and content of the database and if the contracts are transferable, profitable or loss making.

What We Do

We have a reputation for delivering a level of service that goes beyond most client expectations.

Accurate Reporting


Intangible Asset Valuation


Going Concern or Liquidation Premise


International Valuations Standards Council Compliant


Business Valuation Case Study

A distressed but well-established contract cleaning company with 60+ staff requiring a valuation and sale to preserve value and save jobs.

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The Issue

The company was in a CVA which it had operated in for the last 18 months. Unfortunately, due to a downturn in trading the CVA was going to fail and liquidation was the only outcome.

Action Taken

European Valuations was engaged by the Company (via their adviser) to conduct a going concern trading business valuation which included the customer contracts to opine on any potential value and then market and arrange a sale to a third party.

The Outcome

European Valuations was successful in agreeing a sale to a large contract cleaning company based in London. The contracts were transferred and the company re-employed all the staff.

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