17/02/2021 Andrew

European Valuations Delivers Inventory Valuation Advice Supports ABL Refinancing.


European Valuations was engaged by IGF, to provide an inventory appraisal to support an asset based finance facility for The Jacobson Group a Lanchashire based third-generation branded footwear and leisure business, with a history spanning over 80 years. KPMG worked with IGF to support the company in their bid to refinance their existing asset based lending facilities, to help generate additional working capital and fund future growth.

Our work encompassed appraising and evaluating the wide variety of branded footwear. Our report and advice were utilised by The Jacobson Group, their advisers, KPMG and their ultimate funders IGF who structured a £7 Million asset based facility supported by property, accounts receivable and inventory assets which enabled IGF to deliver a funding solution to support The Jacobson Group’s long term growth strategy.

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